Planting a New Church

May 29, 2023

Five Church Situations Which Benefit from Outside Resources, Part 5

Planting a New Church

A local church may find itself by God’s grace in a position of growth, spiritual health, and stability in which it may be able to focus some efforts on multiplying the spread of the Gospel through a church plant. This may be an intentionally planned effort, or it may simply be the result of a providential opportunity which has crossed their path. Before engaging in a church-plant project, a local church ought to educate itself on the best ways forward for their particular situation. Let me suggest some important components to moving forward on a church-planting project.

This short series is devoted to the local church that might derive some benefit for outside resources. Scripture teaches that the ultimate authority in the local church is the body of elders/leaders God has raised up (1 Timothy 3, Titus 1). But sometimes the better part of wisdom with this body of leaders is to utilize the help of outside resources with specific knowledge. This series suggests five situations which might benefit from an outside resource.

Steve Swartz, D.Min

Dr. Swartz serves as Senior Pastor of Grace Bible Church in Bakersfield, California and is a guest instructor at John MacArthur’s Grace Advance Academy, a church-planting training program. Dr. Swartz is the author of numerous books, including Strength in the River, Joyful Generosity, Shattered Shepherds, and The Essential Church.

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