What Gives Jesus the Right to Judge Me? Here are 7 Reasons

March 8, 2020

Pre-Flight Checklist, Part 7

What Gives Jesus the Right to Judge Me? Here are 7 Reasons

Proving Jesus to be God is crucial when determining Christ’s right to judge our eternity.

1. Christ has knowledge of the past and future.

John 4 tells the story of Christ referencing undisclosed facts about the Samaritan woman’s past husbands. In John 11, Jesus told the disciples that Lazarus had fallen asleep, even though he had not been told by anyone that he had died. Jesus prophecies the betrayal of Lazarus in Matthew 26 even before Judas himself knew.

2. He has knowledge that causes all things past and future.

Jesus chose Judas to betray him. Psalm 41:9 prophesied it, Jesus repeated it in John 13:18, and John 17:12 explains that Christ guarded his disciples except the son of destruction. In Matthew 15, when the Syrophoenician woman begged for mercy, Jesus proclaimed that the demon had been cast out without ever even seeing the girl.

3. He has Knowledge that is Infinitely Incomprehensible.

Jesus' disciples attested to this truth in John 16:30, John 21:17, and Col. 2:3,9. Scripture also calls him the Alpha and Omega, beginning and the end, speaking of his eternality. Since he is eternal, he must have knowledge that is infinitely incomprehensible.

4. Christ has Knowledge of What Would Have Happened in Different Circumstances.

When Jesus was scolding the cities of Chorazin and Bethsaida in Matt. 11, he mentioned that Tyre and Sidon would have repented if they had the same privileges. John 5:46-47 shows Jesus telling the Jewish leaders that if they had believed Moses, they would have believed him. Christ knows exactly what would happen in various circumstances.

5. Christ has Knowledge of the Motives of the Heart.

Matt 9:4 claims that Jesus knew the evil in their hearts. In Acts 1:24, the disciples prayed that Jesus would help them choose the replacement disciple, just as he had chosen the rest of them. They asked for his help because he knew the hearts of man.

6. Christ has Knowledge of Actual Content of Thoughts.

Matt 12:24-25 shows Jesus knowing the thoughts of the Pharisees and responding accordingly to them. Jesus also knew the reasoning of the disciples’ hearts in Luke 9:47.

7. Christ has Abundant Knowledge to Judge Rightly.

Jesus judged the heart of Nathaniel in John 1:47-49. He sees everything about the churches of Revelation 2-3, and says he will strike false believers so everyone will he searches mind and heart. When Jesus returns in glory, he will judge between true and false believers, according to Matt 25:31.

These 7 reasons serve to show Christ to be God. In the full sermon, pastor Steve goes through these same 7 points about God, and connects them with Jesus Christ himself. Proving Jesus to be God is crucial when determining Christ’s right to judge our eternity. He sees every deed, he judges every sin, and only he has the ability to take our guilt and punishment upon himself and become our savior instead of our judge.

Steve Swartz, D.Min

Dr. Swartz serves as Senior Pastor of Grace Bible Church in Bakersfield, California and is a guest instructor at John MacArthur’s Grace Advance Academy, a church-planting training program. Dr. Swartz is the author of numerous books, including Strength in the River, Joyful Generosity, Shattered Shepherds, and The Essential Church.

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